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"Where Taxidermy and Art come together... "                            

About Us - meet our taxidermist

Wildlife artist, Sean Knights, is an award winning, state licensed taxidermist with over 19 years of experience in animal artistry. Sean recently moved to the Gulf Coast area from Southwest Georgia, where he owned a thriving taxidermy studio. During this time, he was the exclusive taxidermist for 7 large, high-end, privately owned hunting plantations.
Sean is also an avid outdoorsman and has been since early childhood. He has enjoyed sharing his love of hunting and fishing with his sons. This passion for wildlife and art is what motivated him to learn the trade and pursue a career in taxidermy.  

Over the years, he has spent countless hours studying the anatomical detail of each species, paying close attention to their expressions & movements. He strives to recreate the life back into the animal visually through the art of taxidermy. He is an accomplished airbrush artist, which is often a rarity in this profession. 

He stays on top of the newest trends and latest up to date designs in the taxidermy industry, only uses the finest materials and continously aims to be the leader among his peers, making each mount worthy of showroom quality.  

If you’re looking for an experienced, creative professional who has the skill, commitment and artistic talent along with a respect for wildlife and is extremely passionate about his work.... you have found your TAXIDERMIST/ WILDLIFE ARTIST!!

What sets us apart.....

Like most other taxidermy studio's, Southern Wildlife Taxidermy specializes in mounting Big Game, Small Game, Fish, Birds & Reptile but what sets us apart is the artistic design and the individual detail paid to each and every species. We individually modify and sculpt each form to ensure it fits perfectly within the skin of your animal. Our fish reproductions are always mistaken for actual skin mounts, because of the meticulous detail, along with the expert airbrushing talent of our wildlife artist, Sean Knights.  

Sean has built his reputation by distancing himself from most of his peers in the taxidermy industry due to his natural artistic ability and the individualized attention which he pays to each and every detail, from the subtle expressions such as rotation of the eyes, to the symmetrical posturing of the ears and from the subtle, gradual color changes of the fish, to the correct positioning of its fins making it appear as if it was in its natural environment.  In other words, the difference between our mounts compared to the others, is the REALISM and the DETAILS.  And those details differentiate the "taxidermists" from the "wildlife artists".  

Lots of mounts will look good from across the room and in small pictures in a brochure and/or online... but we challenge you to look CLOSE... REAL CLOSE!  Notice the details. Any taxidermist can simply sew skin onto a form, but then you may just end up with a lifeless, stiff, dead looking animal that does not and will not show the natural beauty of the animal.  


Shop around.....

We actually encourage you to shop around. You will find a cheaper mount, but if QUALITY counts and you want true to life 
mount which will preserve those outdoor memories for a lifetime... a mount that you can proudly display and show your friends... Give us a call or better yet, COME BY THE STUDIO and see for yourself!